1. General provisions:

1.1.  These Rules are legally binding document, which sets the mutual rights and obligations of a Purchaser (hereinafter referred to as “You”) and a Seller (hereinafter referred to as “We”) when buying items in our Internet store www.gym-steel.com (hereinafter referred to as “e-shop”)

1.2.  When buying items in Internet store www.gym-steel.com you accept these Rules without any limitations.

1.3.  When accepting these Rules you confirm that you have a right to buy items being sold in e-shop without any limitations, i.e. you are:

1.3.1. a legally capable individual;

1.3.2. a minor of 14-18 years-old having (foster) parents’ consent;

1.3.3. a legal person or his/her representative.

1.4.  When accepting these Rules you also agree that informational messages will be sent to e-mail address specified by you. These messages are necessary for goods ordering, payment and delivery processing.

2. Moment of conclusion of Sale-Purchase Agreement:

2.1.  The Agreement between you and us is considered to be concluded since the moment when you press the button “Order” in our e-shop after forming the shopping cart, specifying the delivery address, and reading our Rules.

2.2.  Every Agreement concluded between you and us is kept in e-shop.

3. Your rights:

3.1.  You have the right to buy items in e-shop in accordance with the procedure established by these Rules and E-shop.

3.2.  You have the right to withdraw from Sale-Purchase Agreement with e-shop by informing us about it in a written form (e-mail [email protected] by specifying the number of agreement/order and contact information) not later than 24 (twenty-four) hours, when your order is paid up. We undertake to return you the money paid within 10 (ten) working days.

3.3.  You can’t cancel order after 24 (twenty-four) hours, when your order is paid up.

3.4.  The terms of items’ return are listed in Section 8 of these Rules.

4. You undertake:

4.1.  To accept the ordered items and pay for them the price agreed.

4.2   If you want cancel order after 24 (twenty-four) hours, when your order is paid up – you have to pay a fine (50% amount of the your order).

4.3.  If the information provided in your order form changes, you shall immediately inform us about it by e-mail [email protected] Should the data be not updated, we do no bear any responsibility for proper performance of the Agreement.

4.4.  When using the services of e-shop you agree with these Rules and undertake to adhere to them.

5. Our rights:

5.1.  If you try to disturb the work or constant activities of e-shop, we can limit, cease your possibility to use e-shop without any advance warning.

5.2.  We can change the terms and conditions of these Rules at any time and at our sole discretion. If you want to buy items in this e-shop you must once again read and accept the changed Rules. If you do not accept the changed Rules, we reserve the right not to accept your order.

6. We undertake:

6.1.  To create all conditions for you to use properly the services of our Internet store.

6.2.  To deliver the items ordered by you to the specified address and within the agreed term.

7. Delivery of items:

7.1.  We deliver manufactured gym equipment to all countries belonging to the European Union (European Union countries).

7.2.  The shipping fee depends on order place and size.

7.3.  The items will start produced and delivered only after we receive your payment for items to our PayPal account specified in the order confirmation. If we do not receive payment within 48 hours since the moment of order confirmation, your order is canceled.

7.4.  Items are delivered within 6-8 weeks. You agree that in exceptional cases the delivery of items may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. In this case we undertake to contact you immediately and discuss the terms and conditions of items delivery.

7.5.  You undertake to accept personally the delivered items. If you cannot accept personally the items and the items are delivered to the specified address and in accordance with other information provided by you, you shall have no rights to lay any claims to us in regard of items delivery to inadequate person.

7.6.  At the moment of items delivery our authorized person and you should check the state of delivered items and sign the Items delivery list.

7.7.  When you sign the Items delivery list it is considered that the items in parcel are in a good condition and are delivered accurately. You have no claims in respect of delivered items.

7.8.  If you notice the external damage of the items in the parcel (breakage(s), incurvature(s), scratch(es), corrosion etc.) you should note this fact in the Document of Parcel Transfer-Acceptance, and with participation of us or our authorized representative to draw up an Act of a free form concerning the damage (nonconformance) of the parcel and/or the item(s). If you do not perform the mentioned actions, we shall not bear any responsibility in respect of items damage if the reason of such damage appearance is not a manufacturing damage. Also, we shall not bear any responsibility in respect of nonconformance of the component parts, if the mentioned nonconformance can be determined in the course of items surface visual inspection.

7.9.  During 2 (two) days since the day of items’ acceptance, you have the right to submit a claim concerning nonconformance that was noticed later and was recorded in the Act. In this case we undertake to investigate the claim within 10 (ten) working days. If the claim is reasonable, we undertake to offer you to return the items or to replace them by the items confirming with quality requirements, or to reduce the items price.

8. Return of items:

8.1.  The manufactured items of a good quality and corresponding with an order are not replaced and returned. You have the right to return such items only in the case if the delivered item is of a bad quality.

8.2.  The returned item must be fully completed and packed. You are responsible for a full complement and packing of the item. If the item is not fully completed or properly packed, we or our representative shall not be obliged to accept the returned item.

8.3.  The item must be returned in the package, in which it was delivered to you. The package must not be damaged (as much as it is possible after the item unpacking) it must be clear and prepared properly for delivery.

8.4.  We undertake to take from you the items of bad quality or not corresponding with specification of your order, to replace them by equivalent item and to pay the return and delivery costs.

8.5.  We do not bear any responsibility for the fact that the colour, form or other qualities of items available in e-shop may vary from actual qualities of items due to peculiarities of equipment used by you (e.g. monitor).

9. Responsibilities:

9.1.  You are fully responsible for correctness of information presented in the order form. If you do not specify correct information in the order form, we shall not be responsible for the consequences of such incorrectness.

9.2.  You are responsible for the actions done when using e-shop.

9.3.  If a third party provides and/or uses your information, you shall be responsible for the actions done by this party.

9.4.  We shall not be responsible for information presented on the web-sites of other companies, even if you are referred to these web-sites by references available in the e-shop.

9.5.  In the case of damage appearance, a responsible party shall compensate the other party for damage suffered.

10. Sending of information:

10.1.  All our messages are sent to e-mail address specified by you in the order form.

10.2.  All your messages and request shall be sent to e-mail address of our e-shop: [email protected]

11. Final provisions:

11.1.  The Laws of the Republic of Lithuania shall be applied to these Rules.

11.2.  All disputes arising out of the present Rules fulfillment shall be settled by the means of negotiation between the parties. If the parties do not come to an agreement, the matter is to be submitted for settlement to Arbitration according to the procedure provided for by the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania and according to the place of our Company’s registration.